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Residential Painting Services

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As well as offering a full range of painting our skilled team are on hand if you need cabinet refinishing and repainting, or furniture staining and finishing, to bring a new lease on life to your wooden furniture. We can also help to smarten up grout, floor coating, and textures, so whether you’re looking to completely remodel the home, or just give one single room a bit of attention, we can provide all you need. Get in touch to tell us a bit about what you want to achieve, and we can come up with a quote to suit your taste and your pocket.

Furniture painting and staining

Apex Painters are able to provide a full service for treating, repainting and refinishing your furniture as well as interior and exterior painting. We would be delighted to talk about jobs such as cabinet refinishing and repainting, and wooden furniture staining and finishing. Not only does this give you a sharp new look, it means you can continue to use a functional but tired piece, meaning it’s environmentally responsible and often cheaper than replacing furniture items. They don’t make furniture like they used to, either, so looking after your older, well constructed items means they’ll last a lifetime.

Wall treatments and finishes

Of course we love paint as a finish for the inside and outside of a home - but we are also fond of other finishes. A beautiful print wallpaper can offer a focal point to the room and make it truly unique, for example. If you have just bought a new place or are remodeling, we can also offer popcorn ceiling removal, as well as wallpaper removal and installation so you can get the look you want, at a great price. Get in touch with the team at Apex Painters to talk through the options and start the process to get a free no obligation estimate.

Getting the look you want

Because we can offer a wide range of home services, our team will be able to help if you have a bigger job and want to talk through ways to achieve the dream look for your room - or your entire home. From repainting the interior with a great mix of paints in striking colors and finishes, to adding a feature wall in a bold wallpaper, refinishing or repainting your furniture, we can give your room a complete transformation. We are happy to share ideas on what we have seen work well, and talk through the products that are available including paints, and papers, to help you create a unique room and really put your mark on your home.

Our Residential Painting Services service

Although a lot of our work is painting, we are able to turn our hand to much more, including removing and hanging wallpaper, and fixing up loved but tired items of furniture with a new paint or stain. Don’t ditch your cabinets, tables or chairs simply because they’re dated - see what we can do to bring them back to life. To see what previous customers say about us, have a look at the client reviews for our professional painting, staining and wallpaper installation services, which you can find on our home page.


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