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Do you have a ‘to do’ list around the home that you simply never find the time to sort out? Small jobs which get left and neglected for weeks or months? We know how it is, and we are ready to step in to help with minor household repairs including wood repairs, drywall repairs, plaster repairs, or glass repairs. Ignoring something which needs to be fixed often results in it being a harder job to repair later on - get in touch with us instead, and we can take that task off your list for a price you’ll love.

Wood repairs

A professional contractor can come to your home to repair any problems you might have with your carpentry. Maybe you have a scratch or damage to a loved item of wooden furniture for example. Or rot has set in into external wood work such as door jambs or window sills. This can look ugly and ultimately mean that the item needs to be thrown away - but if you act fast enough this doesn’t need to happen. Instead, the hole, rot or scratch can be filled with specialist products to remove and repair the fault.

Repairs to drywall and plaster

We are proud that our team at Apex Painters really know their stuff - and their expertise stretches far beyond painting. If you have scratches, holes or dents in your drywall you’ll need to have them patched up. This can be done by a homeowner, but getting a perfect finish is somewhat tricky. Get it wrong and you’ll not be able to cover the dent or hole properly, and the wall will still end up looking uneven, even after the repair. Get a member of the team in to help, and we can have your wall looking as good as new in no time at all.

Glass repairs

There is glass in many places in the average home. Of course there are the windows - but also doors, mirrors, tabletops, shower surrounds, and more. And wherever there is glass, there is the risk of it being chipped, scratched or smashed. Call the team from Apex Painters if you need any form of glass repair or replacement for your home. We would be delighted to talk through the issue you have, and arrange to visit your home to prepare a free no obligation estimate for the work.

Our Repairs Service

Although many customers know us for our painting, our repairs service is also consistently popular with customers here in Fayetteville, NC. Over the years, our team at Apex Painters has served many members of the local community, making their homes that little bit better, thanks to the repairs we have carried out. There’s no need to worry about those jobs you never seem to get to, just hand them over to us instead, and we will make sure they are completed quickly, and for a great price. Learn more about our work in the customer testimonials on our home page.


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