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Pressure Washing

deck power pressure washing

Pressure washing - or power washing as it is also known, is a key tool in your toolkit when it comes to keeping your home or commercial building clean and free from dirt and grime. Over time it is inevitable that you’ll get a build up of dust, mud or general grime which can stick to your external paintwork and cause it to look neglected. This is all the more so in areas where there is an obvious source of dirt, such as commercial or agricultural buildings. As well as looking unattractive, this layer of built up contaminants can cause damage to the building, which then comes with a hefty bill to fix later down the line. Use pressure washing to clean the building regularly, and there’s no need to worry about it.

Benefits of pressure washing

We can use pressure washing in a lot of different areas around the home. One of the most common uses is to remove stubborn dirt from the exterior of buildings. This layer of dust, mud and anything else that has stuck to the building can become baked on and cause the paintwork underneath it to corrode more quickly than it should. Not only that but it looks unpleasant, and as though the building is not cared for. Give your home or commercial building a little attention by including power washing in your normal maintenance schedule and it’ll pay off in the long run with lower repair bills and a longer time between needing to repaint.

How and where is it possible to use pressure washing?

Pressure washing is both effective and quick, and because you can vary the intensity of the spray, it can be fairly gentle on areas which are more fragile or need some extra care. We use pressure washing on the external surfaces of buildings, but it can also be used on concrete driveways, decking, or even to smarten up your fencing. Quickly blast off mud, dirt, stains and mold, and reveal the woodwork or paint beneath, to return it to its original state in no time. It can then be repainted if this is needed, or simply left as is, if the paintwork or stain beneath is in good condition.

Why use a professional to have my home power washed?

It’s true that power washing equipment is available to hire for homeowners who wish to do their own power washing. We would encourage you to check out our prices before you consider doing it yourself - often once you factor in the inconvenience of needing to visit the equipment rental shop, and the fact that you could be charged if the equipment is broken while you have it, calling in a pro seems like the natural choice. You save yourself the time and worry of doing it yourself, and you can simply sit back and relax while someone else takes care of all the pressure washing, and then get right on with enjoying your fresh clean look.

Our Pressure Washing service

Power washing can be used in so many different ways around the home, for an almost instant result. It looks good, and can protect your home by removing corrosive dirt and mud from areas which may be damaged over time. Interested in learning more about our Pressure Washing service for your home, yard or driveway? Fill out the form above or give us a call to have someone come to your property, make assessments, and give an estimate. Our reliable team at Apex Painters is waiting for your call!


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