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Exterior Home Painting

painter doing exterior painting

If your home is painted, you’ll need to have the exterior paintwork redone every few years. Or maybe your home doesn’t yet have the pop of color from a fresh paint job and you’re investigating getting the house painted or stained for the first time. We would be delighted to help with advice, ideas and a free no obligation paint quote. Painting the outside of the home is a great way to protect the building and add curb appeal. You can make a statement with the color you choose, and by using high quality materials and a professional contractor, it’s possible to then forget about the work and enjoy the look for up to 7 years.

Why bother painting my home?

Deciding to add paint to your home is a personal choice, much to do with your own taste and the style you prefer. Many people opt to paint the exterior of their houses to achieve a fresh and unique look. Painting or staining the outside of a home also offers some protection from the elements. A simple, but often overlooked advantage is that painting the home at intervals gives a great opportunity to check for other general maintenance needs on the exterior of the home. Issues with the siding for example, are easily spotted when you’re up close with the building, at the top of a ladder. Spotting these problems early makes fixing them easier.

How often does the exterior of my house need painting?

The expert team here at Apex Painters are here to help and can visit your property to advise on whether or not it’s time to get your exterior paintwork treated again. How frequently your exterior paintwork needs to be looked after depends on a number of factors. Firstly, it’ll depend on where your home is, and how exposed the location is - the weather and environmental factors can make a big difference. Maintenance matters, too, with a generally well maintained property, which has been looked after with care, and treated using quality paints, lasting longer between paint jobs. Repainting or staining every 3 - 7 years, depending on the situation is pretty commonplace.

What paint should be used for the exterior of my home?

Our team will be happy to advise on the best paint or stain to use to treat your home, depending on the construction and location. There are a broad range of paints available, which suit all budgets, but the quality and suitability for different projects vary. A great development in exterior paints is the recent arrival of all-acrylic paints which are among the most flexible, durable and resilient out there. Whichever paint you choose, it needs to stand up to the elements day in day out -  so you want to know it’s up to the job. Give Apex Painters a call if you need help!

Our Exterior Home Painting service

Painting your home is a personal choice, and Apex Painters is proud to offer a unique and personal touch with all of our customers. Our Exterior Home Painting service is tailored to your preferences, your budget and your needs. We offer a professional service, using only the best paints available, and can source a great range of color options if you’re looking for something to freshen up your look and make the neighbors jealous. To learn more about the expert work we do, get in touch today.


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