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Commercial Painting

painter doing commercial painting

If you run a business or own a commercial building such as a store or office block, you will know that regular maintenance is crucial to protect your investment, keep customers and clients happy, and present the smart and professional brand image you want to project to the world. This means that your building needs to be kept clean, smart and freshly painted, inside and out. That’s where we come in with our commercial painting services for both the interior and exterior of commercial buildings of any size.

Exterior painting for commercial buildings

Apex Painters can support even the biggest of commercial exterior paint projects. Keeping on top of maintenance is crucial if you run a commercial business or own a business property such as an office building. By keeping the exterior paintwork in good condition you're protecting your assets, and the investment you have made, as well as presenting a good image to your team, customers and the general public. It’s smart to have your building repainted every 3 - 7 years depending on construction and location. If you think it might be time to get your exterior paintwork looked at, give us a call.

Interior paint work

Your building is a big part of the image of your business, and needs to keep customers and employees safe and comfortable. Aging interior paintwork looks dirty, no matter how well it is cleaned, and does not create the atmosphere you want in a professional business welcoming customers or clients. Interior paintwork might need fairly frequent repainting depending on the traffic in the area, the colors and the quality and type of paint used. Choosing a durable paint will help, especially in areas such as corridors where there are many people passing by every day. Talk to us about the service we can offer to smarten up your interior paintwork.

Paint choices for commercial needs

When you’re making a decision about which paint to use for your commercial building, you have to balance out the price and quality of products which are available. Paint can vary enormously in price, but you pretty much get what you pay for. Investing in a specialist paint which is designed for durability will mean that it lasts longer, costs less to maintain and looks better for your customers and employees. It will also mean that you can stretch out the time in between repainting the area, which limits the disruption caused to your business and saves money. Invest in quality, and it’ll pay off in the long term.

Our Commercial Painting service

The team here at Apex Painters offers a reliable Commercial Painting service to every customer we meet, and are able to provide long term partnership for commercial businesses. We believe that our prices are fair, and will fit with your budget - and our team are experienced in making sure that commercial painting is done in a way that minimizes impact on the business. From the moment we meet to provide a quote, to completing the work and any snagging, there will be a strong project management process in place to ensure all runs to plan. We are proud of our record of delivering even the biggest jobs on time and on budget, and will be happy to do the same for you.


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